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Frequently Asked Questions

Carbide wood turning tools were produced to increase the efficiency and decrease the time dramatically of turning bowls.

How strong are your wood turning tools?

The carbide inserts are from 25-100 times more wear resistant to dulling than high speed steel. A traditional bowl gouge dulls in one bowl or less, while our insert tips can be rotated to four different positions before they become dull and then are discarded.  Check out our videos to see how fast our carbide woodturning tools makes quick work of a wood blank.

How often will I need to replace my carbide inserts?

It is common to turn over 10 bowls before discarding a single insert that costs from $6.00 to $12.00. To properly sharpen a bowl gouge, most wood turners require and advanced sharpening system such as a Tormek with their accessories costing more than $500.00. Once the advanced grinder is purchased it still takes considerable time to learn how to sharpen properly.

How hard is it to learn to use these carbide woodturning tools?

Carbide tipped tools are very easy to learn to use. The tool is held horizontal on the tool rest and a plunging cut is used or move the tool left and right removing huge quantities of wood. The time to rough turn the inside and outside of a bowl is less than 1/3 to 1/2 the time compared to a bowl gouge. All brands, and types of gouges whether for bowls, spindles, pens or any other type of turning requires much practice to become proficient. The square based tool rests flat on the tool rest resisting turning with the wood on the lathe. The opposite hand holds the tool down firmly on the rest assuring stability. Huge quantities of wood are removed with one pass. Commonly the cutting pass will remove 1/4 to 3/8 inches of wood, but can be greater. Check out our videos to see how fast our carbide woodturning tools makes quick work of a wood blank and how easy they are to use.

What can I use these carbide wood lathe tools for?

Carbide wood turning tools can be used to rough out any type of turning from bowls to pens, and spindles. After the roughing is accomplished the tool can be used for sheer scraping to smooth out the surface. A bowl gouge is usually used for the final inside cut and scraping action on the inside and outside of a bowl. Often you will finish the inside bottom with a 5/8 inch bull nose scraper. Often these final cuts only take a few minutes.

What is the difference between these carbide woodturning tools?

The standard size for most turners is the S15 which is 15mm wide carbide insert which works very well for most average size turning projects. The inserts are very inexpensive to purchase once needed. The S17 is very aggressive and will remove wood faster and is 17mm wide. The S10 comes in two length and handle sizes to be used on smaller turnings such as small bowls, boxes, and pen turning. The SRB is made to hold standard ½” diameter router bits to be used on the inside of bowls or the inside cuts or projects. This tool makes short work of smoothing out and cutting the inside cuts of bowls. The SRB tool is a tool that will hold 1/2" router bits.  This unique idea will give you the ability to customize your tool in a variety of ways with different bits that allow inside bowl cutting to match your particular needs. The SRB comes without the router bit shown. The bits are sold seperately.

What are the SR12 line of tools used for?

The SR12 tool line has a round carbide insert used for inside scraping and finishing cuts, of both traditional open faced bowls as well as hollowed out bowls with a restrictive opening. It can also be use in spindles and to make cove cuts. They make very fine and precise cuts and are easy to use with the tool flat on the tool rest. Large amounts of wood will be removed if desired or with a finer touch a fine scraping finish will be produced. They come in three lengths for the straight tools, and three lengths for the curved tools. They have two handles appropriate for the overhang from the tool rest. The two longest tools employ the 17" handle, while the others have a 15 1/2" handle. The curved swan neck version makes the hollowing cut easier near the rim of hollowed vessels. The 12mm insert was chosen to make the optimum cut without increasing the chances of a catch by a larger insert. The 12mm round inserts will only fit the SR12 line of tools, because they are machined to accept only that insert. When the carbide tip begins to dull just loosen the screw and rotate 45-90 degrees, thereby extending the life of the sharp insert many times over. We believe you will find this round insert tools a fine addition to your carbide turning tools.

What about a warranty / Return Policy?

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase you may return the item within 30 days of receiving it for a full refund or exchange. The item(s) must be returned in good condition.

All Carbide Wood Turning tools carry a warranty with a one year replacement or replacement as desired.