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Carbide Wood Turning Tools - Unhandled

Carbide Wood Turning Tools - Unhandled

For those of you experienced wood turners who already have a handle you like, we offer the option to purchase our carbide wood lathe tools separately. We offer 5 options for our carbide woodturning tools that are all stainless steel stock with the carbide tool already mounted. Just select the one(s) that best fit your needs.

All carbide wood lathe tools come with allen wrench for changing out the carbide inserts. View our faq page to find out how long these resiliant carbide bits will last.

ImageNamePriceAdd to cart
S10 - Unhandled (Short)S10 - Unhandled (Short)$65.00
S10 - UnhandledS10 - Unhandled$70.00
S15 - UnhandledS15 - Unhandled$80.00
S17 - UnhandledS17 - Unhandled$80.00
SR00 - UnhandledSR00 - Unhandled$105.00
SR15 - UnhandledSR15 - Unhandled$105.00
SR20 - UnhandledSR20 - Unhandled$105.00
SR45 - UnhandledSR45 - Unhandled$105.00
SR60 - UnhandledSR60 - Unhandled$105.00
SA35-12 - UnhandledSA35-12 - Unhandled$100.00
SA45-10 - UnhandledSA45-10 - Unhandled$100.00
SA45-12 - UnhandledSA45-12 - Unhandled$100.00