The World's Largest & Best Selection of Carbide Wood Turning Tools

Carbide WoodTurning Tools has developed 5 lines of wood turning tools which will eliminate much of the difficulty of roughing out, hollowing, and finishing wood blanks. Our tools cut down turning time from 50% to 75% with far less strain on the turner. 

We utilize carbide inserts in our carbide lathe tools which are at least 25 - 100 times more resistant to wear than high speed steel, which is common in more advanced wood lathe tools. This eliminates the need for frequent sharpening which is very common in lathe woodworking.

Our lathe carbide inserts are very reasonably priced and not worth trying to sharpen with standard grinders because of their low cost. The inserts are mounted on stainless steel stock and the carbide wood lathe tools come mounted in ash handles or unhandled as you prefer. They excel in roughing out blanks, yet also are excellent in finish work. The insides of boxes are an excellent place to use this wood turning tool.

  • Huge selection of tools for different applications
  • Faster and more efficient cutting than traditional wood lathe tools
  • No more sharpening
  • Top quality wood turning tool and carbide inserts
  • Easier learning curve helps you get started making products in less time
  • Economical price as compared to traditional wood lathe tools or other carbide woodturning tools

We believe we have the largest selection and the most cost efficient carbide wood lathe tools of this type on the market now.  Pen turners to advanced bowl turners will find their turning time cut in half compared to bowl gouges used for the same purpose. The carbide turning tool is available from small to aggressively large to suit your needs. They are all simple to learn to use. All products made in the U.S.A. and have a money back warranty.

Please Note: We only sell our inserts (cutters) to our tool purchasers



S15 (regular 15mm insert) :: Carbide insert mounted on stainless steel stock :: Handle Length: 17" ash handle
Tool Length: 8 1/2" :: Tang: 2 1/2" :: Diameter: 1/2"

Brand New Series of Carbide Woodturning Tools

A basic overview of the new S12, SR, and SRB series of tools


Original S Series Tools

Watch the original S17 and S10 in action make short work of some hard wood blanks.

STBS Carbide Insert

STBS Carbide Insert

Tool Brace

tool brace with round insert
tool brace with triangular insert

The tool brace is 1 1/2"x1 1/2" x 5 1/2" long made from steel set on a 1" x 4 1/2" post. The head is reversible and machined to handle all 1/2" and 3/4" tools. If square stock tools are used, the brace will prevent lateral and downward torque of the tool in event of a catch. If round tools are used, downward torque and pulling the tool out of your hand will be prevented. This brace is made to greatly assist the hollowing turner.

The brace is $160.00


S16R Wood Handled

S16R with wood handle
S16R Carbide InsertS16R detail

A 16.5mm x 1.25mm carbide round scraper mounted on a 1/2" x 12" ss bar stock. Excellent for the inside of bowls or any inside cuts. Very clean scraping action and ready to sand.

S16R is $90.00 unhandled and $110.00 handled.